What would you try if you knew you'd succeed?

 Reconnect with your creativity. Transform stress into
positive energy. Focus on what brings you joy in life.

Are you feeling bored or restless? Wondering, what’s next for you? Looking for motivation and inspiration to open a new chapter in life? Come explore with us and tap into your creativity to clarify what matters most to you now!


Creating Your New Story
Here you get to find your inspiration and identify new personal goals and ambitions in this luncheon workshop. Creating Your New Story shows you how to:
  • become the author of your new story
  • develop an action plan from motivation, implementation, to accomplishment
  • clear the obstacles that have stopped you in the past from moving forward with your dreams  
The Creating Your New Story workshop is perfect for people who are feeling restless, that something is missing, or who are looking for clarification about what they want to do next.

Ready to get started? Email info@welllivedlife.com


The Forgiveness Process

Forgiveness is important for healing or neutralizing negative feelings caused by consciously or unconsciously holding on to old anger, hurt, and resentment. Making the choice to forgive is a sure way to leave the past in the past. This 3-hour confidential Forgiveness Process workshop is a guided technique designed to free energy blocked by the knot occurring as a result of not having forgiven. You are never asked about who or what you are forgiving or to discuss the details and nature of your forgiveness.

People who benefit from the Forgiveness Process are experiencing creative blocks and or hampered by memories of past hurts. You will release old habits of grudge and resentment, enabling you to fully experience a Well Lived Life. 

For more information or to begin your Forgiveness Process, email info@welllivedlife.com.


Your Next Calling

This workshop series uses principles from The Artist’s Way to connect with your unique creativity, motivation and ambition to step on to the path of accomplishment. Join us in an intimate 10-week workshop series where we’ll have fun, support and challenge each other as we explore new beginnings and the creativity to realize ambitions we may have forgotten.
Re-discover a zest for life with new perspective and inspiration to:

Get in shape • Make new friends • Implement your bucket list • Have more fun
Find ways to be of service • Overcome obstacles • Satisfy a creative urge
Find joy in every day • Get clear about what’s next

Who: You, a group of like-minded people and your facilitator, Leslie Gebhart

Play workshop using the principles of The Artist’s Way

In a convenient, comfortable, and local private space

For growth, purpose, achievement, and fun!

$299.00 in advance, or $35 per session with a 10-session commitment

Reserve your space today, limited to 15 participants
  email info@welllivedlife.com or call 760-991-9888


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