Enrichment books and baubles for children and adults.


Pain is quite a motivator. Being a small child in a family of untreated alcoholism is a scary, unsettling existence. Surviving that made possible this sweet, helping book, Have You Ever Been a Child?

These make excellent hostess gifts or for a child's library.

Finally discovering the wealth of knowledge, love and support found in 12 step meetings, I learned the benefits of keeping a journal. PRIVATE Keep Out! is designed to make it easy to start and benefit from the process of writing.

Then came the breast cancer diagnosis--it seemed quite natural to put my experience to use creating a book to support the patient, family, friends through the world of cancer. eBook, Yes After Cancer, and, Not-so-Scary Breast Cancer Book.
The CD, Joy as your Guidance System is my version of the original forgiveness work taught years ago to my first coach, Maria Nemeth. It changes lives.
I've learned the importance of play and thus the Inspirational Card Deck. You get to PLAY while being inspired--or, become inspired while playing. It's a winner around the dinner table or at family reunions!


In summary, these represent my perspective as I continue to use my professional energy now in the workshop setting where we laugh, make changes, experience mutual support and share ideas about establishing a well lived life.


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